A Cat Condo Can Help Save Your Furniture

If you are looking for a solution to the bored cat problem, a cat condo can help. This important investment will offer your cat a place to play, scratch, perch and nap.

Getting a new kitty can be a very exciting time for the family. Unfortunately, the newness can wear out fast if your new pet starts destroying the house. Cats have a strong desire to scratch, so what may be an instinctive action for them can end up costing you big time. If you’ve discovered your pet scratching your favorite furniture, it might be time to deflect their actions to something else. You might want to buy a scratching post or a cat condo to occupy them.

While a simple scratching post should get the job done, you may need to find more furniture and toys to keep them busy. A cat condo can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can include a scratching post in addition to places to hide, perch and toys to play with. You should choose this based on your pet’s unique personality. If you are not sure if your pet will use these items, it’s best to start small and work your way up.

If your pet embraces a scratching post, then you should eventually consider investing in a larger cat condo to give them more to play with. If at first they avoid using it, it may just take a little coaxing. Try placing their toys nearby and playing with them on it or around it. If that doesn’t work, place some catnip or treats toward the top. Eventually they should venture onto their new furniture. Be patient with this process if they do not immediately use it. Often they just need to get used to the strange piece of furniture. Soon their curious side will come to investigate. Before you know it, they’ll take their attention off your expensive couch and put their energy towards playing, scratching and perching in their very own spot.